Hostel Facilities


Though a non-residential institute, HETC provides well organised hostel facilities for both girls and boys separately. The girls' hostel is within the college campus. A new hostel building with all amenities is ready to accommodate male students at our second campus near Bandel Railway Station. Both the hostels are well furnished and equipped with generators and safe drinking water.


Hostel facilities, wherever applicable, will be governed by the rules and regulations issued by the concerned authorities.

Unless otherwise provided for, hostel seats will be allotted on "first come first served" basis.

In the matter of allotment of rooms/seats, the decision of the hostel authorities needs to be followed. No change of room /seats or shifting of furniture/other items should be made without prior consent of the hostel authorities.

Hostel charges and food charges are to be paid according to the respective payment schedule and modes.

All boarders will be required to follow the rules of the respective hostels with regard to

  • Entry/exit timing
  • Recording of entry/exit.
  • Obtaining prior permission from appropriate authorities for staying out/leaving the hostel, etc. for which the hostel authorities may ask for upon a letter from the parent/guardian etc.

Smoking/chewing of tobacco/consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicants are strictly for bidden anywhere inside the hostel.

The general academic atmosphere in student’s hostel must be maintained, especially in recognition of the fact that the students of different courses may have different examination schedules.

Damage to hostel property in whatever form will need to be compensated for by the students as per the decision of the hostel authorities.