Name: The Name of the Association Shall be “Alumni Association of Hooghly Engineering & Technology College, Hooghly”, hereinafter referred to as the Association

Registered Office: The Registered Office of the Association shall be Hooghly Engineering & Technology College, Vivekananda Road, Pipulpati , Post & District:-Hooghly-712103,West Bengal.

Aims and Objectives:  The Objectives for which the Association is established are,

  1. To  Uplift the Image and Status of the College
  2. To provide a forum that promotes interaction and networking among the Alumni of the College.
  3. To become the Voice of the Alumni in all matters related to the betterment of the College.
  4. To foster continuing professional /academic development by drawing support from distinguished Alumni in their respective fields.
  5. To maintain an up-to-date register of the alumni of the College with their qualification and addresses.
  6. To hold annual reunion of the past and present students of the College preferably in the month of February every year unless otherwise decided.
  7. To maintain a welfare fund to help Individual members of the college community in distress.
  8. To help the College organize seminars/workshops/lectures by eminent personalities on selected topics of science, technology and humanities to enhance the knowledge base of the students and the engineering community.
  9. To encourage all such activities as may be deemed conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.