Resume Writing

Use these resume examples to organize your own information in a well-structured and persuasive format that best presents your credentials for the job. It is challenging to develop a resume from scratch, these fully formatted resume samples will help you get started. Integrate your own details and produce a convincing resume to use in your job search.

  • Resume samples provides examples of well written objectives and profile statements that you can individualize.
  • The content of your resume should be organized in a focused, factual way that highlights your skills and strengths.
  • A technical writing style that uses bullet points helps the reader to concentrate on important facts quickly and effortlessly.
  • Make sure your education details support the credentials you presented in the profile statement. This is where you provide the evidence of what you can do.
  • Let the font color be Black, Blue and darker Shades of Grey.
  • Keep the font size between eleven and twelve.
  • Limit the Key Information in the first Page of your Resume.
  • Limit the Resume to Two to Three Pages, if you really have more information; carry a separate Document for the Interview.
  • If you have a serious hobby, mention it; be prepared to discuss it in detail.
  • Resume should be written in active voice.