Sandip Basu

Sandip Basu

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Experience :

1.5 Years

Industry Experience :

10 Months

Research Interest:

Advance Welding, Concurrent Engineering, Composite Materials

Teaching Interest:

Advance Manufacturing Technology, Advance Welding Technology, Material Handling, Machining Principle and Machine Tools, Engineering Materials.

Research Publications:

“A Study on Concurrent Engineering Based Design and Product Development” Sandip Basu, Nabarun Biswas, Supriya Naha Biswas and Sweta Sarkar International Journal of Recent advances in Mechanical Engineering (IJMECH) Vol.2, No.1, page no.: 15-20, February 2013

 Conference Publications:

“Application of  Ultrasonic Testing as a Replacement of Radiographic Test of  Welding Joints in Shipbuilding”
Sandip Basu, Supriya Naha Biswas, Sweta Sarkar
Proc. 100th Indian Science Congress, Part II: Abstracts of Oral/ Poster Presentation, Section VI: Engineering Sciences, Page. No. 106.

“Importance of Using Wire EDM Process for Making Complex Profile over Conventional Process”
Sandip Basu, Supriya Naha Biswas, Sweta Sarkar
Proceedings 20th West Bengal State Science & Technology Congrss-2013, page. no. 327