Sandeep Bhowmik

Sandeep Bhowmik

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Computer Science

Teaching Experience :

 10 yrs   

Research Experience :

4 yrs 

Research Interest:

Data Security through Cryptography, Application of Genetic Algorithm in Cryptography.

 Teaching Interest:

Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Operating System, Distributed Database, Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Data Structure, Programming Concepts through C language, Unified Modeling Language, Advanced Search Technique, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Research Publications:

Conference Publications:

S.Bhowmik, S.Acharyya; "Application of GA in Key Generation for Image Transposition Cipher Algorithm", at “International Conference on Information Processing” in 2011 held at Bangalore, India; Published in Communications in Computer and Information Science, 1, Volume 157, Computer Networks and Intelligent Computing, Part 6, Pages 342-348, Springer. 

S.  Bhowmik, S. Acharyya; “Image Cryptography: The Genetic Algorithm Approach” published in IEEE International Conference on “Computer Science & Automation Engineering”, volume: 2, page(s): 223 – 227, 2011.

S.  Bhowmik, T. Bhattacharya, S. Chaudhuri; “A Steganographic Approach by using Session Based Stego-Key, Genetic Algorithm and Variable Bit Replacement Technique” published in the IEEE “International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering”, page(s): 51 - 55, 2008.

 A. Jha, S. Sinha, S. Bhowmik; “Job Shop Scheduling using Simulated Annealing” in the Proceedings of the “International Conference on Computation and Communication Advancement”, ISBN: 978-1-25-906393-0, pages 69-73, McGrawHill Publication, 2013. Conference was co-sponsored by IEEE Kolkata section and organized by JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani.

 S. Chakroborty, S. Bhowmik; "Effect of Modified Permutation Encoding Mutation in Genetic Algorithm", in the Proceedings of the “International Conference on Intelligent Infrastructure”, ISBN: 978-1-25-906170-7, pages 278-281, McGrawHill Publication, 2012. Conference organized by Computer Society of India (CSI) and held at Kolkata, India in December 2012.

S. Sinha, K. Choudhary, R. Jha, S. Bhowmik; “Application of Ant Colony Algorithm in Vehicle Routing Problem”, in the proceedings of the “IET India Summit-2012”, organized by IET-Kolkata, held at Kolkata in November 2012.

Other Achievement:

Cambridge International Certification as Teacher & Trainer.