Computer Science & Engineering

Faculty Members of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Name & Research Area

Mousumi Das

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Data Structure, System Programming & Operating System, Basic Computation & principles of programming Language.

Shirshendu Hore

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Object Technology, Database Management System, Web Technology, Software Engineering & UML, Data Structure, Network Security & Cryptography

Sandeep Bhowmik

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Operating System, Distributed Database, Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Soft Computing, Object Oriented Modeling & Designing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).,

Sumanta Daw

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Algorithm Analysis, Operating System, System Programming, Object Technology, Computer Network, Web Technology, E-Commerce, Soft Computing, Computer and Network Security.

Rupam Some

M.Tech, Assistant Professor

Database Management System , Software Engineering , Operating System ,System Software and Administration,Object Technology,Internet Technology

Dibyendu Samanta

M.E,Assistant Professor & Coordinator

Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Formal Languages & Automata theory, Data Structures & algorithm.

Sanghamitra Das

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Bioinformatics, Image Authentication using Steganography, Database and Information Systems

Manab Kumar Saha

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Computer Organization, Computer Organization and Architecture, Computer Network, Computer Communication and networking, Operating System, Internet Technology C, Software Engineering.

Shyamal Pal

M.Tech,Assistant Professor

Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, etc

Milan Kumar Dholey

M.E,Assistant Professor

Wireless Ad-hoc Network, Routing Protocol, Wireless Network Security

Technical Assistant  @ CSE
TA  Name

Somojyoti Sinha

Senior Technical Assistant

Data Structure and Algorithm

Suraj Basu

Technical Assistant

Programming using C,C++,Object Oriented Programming,DBMS