Dr. Aishwarya Goswami

Dr. Aishwarya Goswami


Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities

Teaching Experience :

6 years

Research Experience :

5 years

Research Interest:

Kinetics and reaction mechanism, Environmental issues specially Arsenic related issues

Teaching Interest:

All branches of chemistry and environmental science

International Journal Publications:

 A.Goswami and K.De, Indian J. Chem., 43A, 2087, (2004.)

A.Mukherjee(Goswami) and K. De, Trans. Met. Chem., 30, 677, (2005).

A.Mukherjee-Goswami and K De, Trans. Met. Chem. 32, 419, (2007).

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 Conference Publications:

A. mukherjee (goswami), D. Chatterjee,  All India People  Technology Congress, organized by FOSET, 6-7 Feb’2009.

A. Goswami and K. De Proceeding of 41st Annual Convention of Chemists (2004), organized by Indian   Chemical Society.

A. Goswami and K. De Proceeding of 42nd Annual Convention of Chemists (2006), organized by Indian Chemical Society.

A. Goswami, Proceeding of Recent Trend in Engineering and Technology including Non-conventional Energy (2010) , organized by IMPS-College Of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with IET.