Electronics & Communication Engineering


The Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department’s program is designed to guide the student to achieve technical competency, effective communication and leadership skills and suitably utilize them while working in projects, multi-disciplinary teams and society. To meet these goals, the ECE program strongly integrates with the core of discovery and emphasizes holistic student development in accord with the institute’s Vision and Mission.
The department started along with the college in the year 2004 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students. Current intake is 75 including TFW (Tuition Fee Waiver) scheme and Lateral entry.

Vision of the E.C.E. Department

To provide the students excellent education in research environment for developing them into high class electronics engineers who would be strong in fundamentals, multi-disciplinary in approach, industry-ready, equipped with analytical, design, managerial and entrepreneurial aptitude, who would be much sought-after by any industry, and at the same time, excel in pursuance of higher studies, blossom into extra-ordinary entrepreneurs.

Mission of the E.C.E. Department

  • Training the students to become disciplined and also knowledgeable in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) by providing quality education.
  • To produce prolific graduates with remarkable skill in envisaging, designing and effectively giving solutions for global needs in the field of Electronics and Communication.
  • To be highly competent in various fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering through the best breed laboratory facilities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of E.C.E. Department

Program Outcomes (POs) of E.C.E. Department

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) of E.C.E. Department

Resources of E.C.E. Department

Achievements of E.C.E. Department

Departmental Activities