Program Assessment Committee (PAC)

1. Prof.  Chandan Jana (Programme Coordinator)

2. Prof.( Dr.) Avijit Maity ( Module Coordinator)

3. Prof. Mausumi Jana Bala (Faculty Representative)

4. Prof. Anikendu Maitra (Faculty Representative)

The PAC is entrusted with the following responsibilities –

• Monitoring the achievements of POs and PEOs.
• Evaluating program effectiveness and proposing necessary changes.
• Preparing periodic reports on program activities, progress, status or other special reports for management key stake holders.
• Motivating the faculty and students towards attending workshops, developing projects, working models, paper publications and engaging in research activities.
• Interacting with students, faculty, Course coordinators, and Module coordinators in facilitating Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs).
• Mentoring the students in small groups.