Electrical Engineering


The programme of Electrical Engineering is modeled to guide and motivate students to achieve technical competency by acquiring knowledge of the relevant field of engineering, such that they can apply themselves to solve socio-economic problems met at real life, by working in the projects and multidisciplinary teams or as leader of a team and integrate their quality as an Electrical Engineer in the process. To achieve these goals, the EE program strongly integrates with the core of discovery and emphasizes holistic student development in accord with the departments Vision and Mission. The department started along with the college in the year 2004 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students. Current intake is 75 including TFW (Tuition Fee Waiver) scheme and Lateral entry.


  •  To create a strong teaching and research environment by producing excellent electrical engineers.
  • To attain excellence as an electrical engineer so as to prove themselves as outstanding professionals with full expertise and knowledge on the electrical engineering so that they serve as a valuable resource for industry and society at large, maintaining all humane moral and ethical values.
  • To emerge as an academic institution, dedicated to the creation environment to develop confidence, motivate talent, encourage progressive and analytical thinking, nurture creativity, promote research and development, innovation and industry-institution collaboration and enhance professional competence of students.


  • To impart high quality educational program on electrical engineering so as to prepare students as successful professional expert and also to bring ability to pursue higher education.

The department emphasizes excellence in high quality teaching, research, industry oriented education and collateral activity so that society at large will be served with entire satisfaction.

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