Programme Specific Outcome of CSE Department

Programme Specific Outcome of the C.S.E. Department

PSOs are statements that describe what the graduates of a specific engineering program should be able to do.

PSO 1: Able to apply the knowledge gained during the course of the program from Mathematics, Basic Computing, Basic Sciences and Social Sciences in general and all computer science courses in particular to identify, formulate and solve real life complex engineering problems faced in industries and/or during research work with due consideration for the public health and safety, in the context of cultural, societal, and environmental situations.

PSO 2: Able to provide socially acceptable technical solutions to complex computer science engineering problems with the application of modern and appropriate techniques for sustainable development relevant to professional engineering practice.

PSO 3: Able to apply the knowledge of ethical and management principles required to work in a team as well as to lead a team.

PSO 4: Able to comprehend and write effective project reports in multidisciplinary environment in the context of changing technologies.