Computer Science & Enginnering


Computer Science & Engineering Department was established in the year 2004 with a mission to develop qualified and skilled man power through quality teaching and learning processes. The department is enriched with qualified and experienced faculties and staffs who provide quality teaching and training to the students. CSE Department emphasizes the fields of Information Technology, Software Engineering, Network and Information Security and other Domain Specific Applications so as to facilitate the evolution of skills in students to help them attain a higher degree of knowledge and global competency to succeed in professional career.

Objective of the Department:

To Produce “Creators of Innovative Technology”.

To supervise and facilitate the different academic and co-curricular activities of the department there exist the following committees in the department:


Attainment of excellence as a computer engineer so as to prove themselves as outstanding professional with complete expertise and knowledge in Computer Science & Engineering and its applications so that they may prove a valuable resource for industry and society at large, maintaining all moral and ethical values. 


  • To excel in professional carrier and higher education by accruing applied knowledge in Mathematics, Computation, Basic Principles of Science Engineering  with capable communication.
  • To create a strong teaching and research environment through excellent Computer Science & Engineering education.
  • To analyze real life problems and projects in developing economically feasible and socially acceptable solutions.

To excel in professionalism through smart and ethical conduct, interpersonal skills and adaptability in communication to prevalent trends in technology as well as changing technology. 

Programme Educational Objective (PEOs) of CSE Department

Programme Outcome (POs)of CSE Department

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs) of CSE Department

Resources of the Department

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