Programme Specific Outcome of C.E Department

1. Competence in Civil Engineering: Educating students with fundamental mathematical, scientific, and engineering knowledge to have a significant and positive long-term impact on the field of civil engineering.

2. Usage of Cutting Edge Technology: Inspiring students and preparing them for successful professional careers using appropriate techniques, resources and modern attitudes and modeling to complex engineering activities and research.

3. Ability to Coordinate and communicate in groups: Emphasizing the importance of working in a team effectively and to communicate properly within the team to achieve the desired outcome.

4. Continuous improvement: Motivate students in learning to learn and the ability to keep learning for a lifetime to increase their professionalism, update and deepen their knowledge through the development of the profession.

Resources of the C.E. Department

To ensure that the students get the best possible guidance throughout their four years of engineering education, the department has qualified and dedicated faculty members and technical staff.

Students have access to well-equipped laboratories  in keeping with the curriculum requirement specified by the university.