Civil Engineering


The department started with an intake of 60 students in the year 2004 to promote technical education to the aspiring students in the field of Civil Engineering in the country particularly in W.B. to make up the deficiency of demand of Civil Engineers prevailing at that time.
Intake was increased to 66 in 2005 due to 10% lateral entry in 3rd semester level of 2nd year.

At 2012, lateral entry increased to 20% of the basic intake and the total intake consequently became 72 students.

The same intake continued thereafter.

Vision of the C.E. Department:

The vision of the department is to create competent civil engineers who will contribute creatively in both public and private sectors, serve community, pursue higher studies and take up the challenges of cutting edge technologies.

Mission of the C.E. Department

Mission: The mission of the department is as follows:

·  To impart student-centric innovative education in research-conducive environment.

· To transform the students into world class civil engineers.

· To ensure that the graduates are employable, good entrepreneurs and competent scholars.

· To enable the students to be creative designers bringing excellence in the areas of construction technologies.

·To empower the students for global infrastructural development, maintaining sustainable environment and improving quality of life.

Programme Educational Objective (PEOs) of C.E Department

Programme Outcome (POs) of C.E Department

Program Specific Outcome (PSOs) of C.E Department

Achievements of C.E. Department.

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