Vision & Mission


The institute thrives to be recognized as a centre of excellence in creating innovative, professionally competent and research oriented future engineers with compatible development of body, mind and spirit and to be able to pursue higher studies and successfully face the challenges of the cutting edge technologies while serving the stake holders at local, regional, national and international levels, eventually creating a vibrant, academic and R & D environment to bring in a prosperous sustainable global society.



The mission of the institution is as follows:

  1. To impart student- centric innovative education in a research conducive environment
  2. To bring intellectual growth by integrating the academic programmes with practical knowledge to fulfill the purpose of effectively meeting the needs of industry and society at large
  3. To be capable of conducting all kinds of basic and applied research
  4. To be able to provide effective and efficient  consultancy
  5. To develop the spirit of entrepreneurship imbibed with the quality  of   moral, ethical and human values at all levels having honesty, integrity  and dedication as the foundation and finally
  6. To become wealth of the nation and the world at large in terms of valuable technical resource, ultimately leading to an autonomous institute of learning